There’s not an area of Wisconsin untouched by water concerns.

There’s not a community in the state that isn’t facing water problems. These problems impact everyone, from farmers, to young children, to business owners. It is time to elevate these issues to the level of priority they deserve.

Wisconsin families suffer from contamination from nitrates, livestock  pollution, lead in drinking water, and PFAS aka “forever chemicals.” Other problems include flooding, mining pollution, overpumping of high-capacity wells, toxic algal blooms, and harmful aquatic invasive species.

Wisconsinites raised these issues during the public hearings the Speaker’s Water Quality Task Force held in 2019, but the proposals from the task force fell short and the Senate never took action on the 13 bills that were proposed.

Our leaders need to know that we believe clean water is a right that all Wisconsinites deserve and that we want meaningful actions now. Voters said YES to advisory referendums in 2021 and 2022 in support of Clean Water Now.

In 2023 and beyond, voters will ask county and municipal governments to approve Clean Water Now resolutions. These voter-led efforts will send a message to state leaders about what’s most important to us: clean and abundant water.

What Clean Water Now is about

This is about our health. There is no safe level of lead. Nitrates cause birth defects and cancer.

This is about the health of our environment and the economy that depends on clean water.

This is about Wisconsin’s clean rivers and lakes. Our quality of life depends on the resources that fuel Wisconsin’s outdoor tourism economy.

This is about the diverse cultural and natural heritage of Wisconsin. Did grandpa take you fishing on the pier in your city? Did your family camp every summer and boat or swim on a lake? Wisconsin’s twelve Tribal Nations are deeply connected to the waters in Wisconsin. Their cultures require access to clean water.

Together, we are working for Clean Water Now for Wisconsin.

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