You Can’t Wisconsin

Without Clean Water

The Clean Water Now campaign empowers Wisconsinites to raise the volume on critical water issues. Using county referenda campaigns we can show elected officials and other key stakeholders that clean water has overwhelming bi-partisan support as a top issue among Wisconsin voters.

There’s not a community in the state that isn’t facing some water issues, including issues that impact water quality and water quantity. Top issues include contamination from nitrates, nonpoint pollution, lead in drinking water, and PFAS aka “forever chemicals.” Other issues include flooding, mining pollution, overpumping of high capacity wells, toxic algal blooms, and harmful aquatic invasive species.

Community members are on the front lines of their water challenges. They understand both the urgent need for change and the real-time harm to public health and a clean water economy. Organizing around the right to clean water at the county level, via nonbinding referenda, shows unity around the pressing need to address critical water issues. County by county, Wisconsinites will demand Clean Water Now.

Success depends on local leaders like you! Please contact us to discuss the water issues in your community and how the campaign can fit your goals.