You can’t Wisconsin without clean water.
Success in Portage, Wood, & Marquette County! More counties to follow!


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Farming, fishing, boating, swimming and, oh yeah drinking water. Not a day goes by without needing water.

However, too many Wisconsinites cannot drink, swim in or eat fish caught in our waters.

We know how important clean water is to the entire state, but not enough is being done to protect and restore our waters.

You can help make change now.

The Clean Water Now campaign empowers Wisconsinites to raise the volume on critical water issues. County by county we will use referenda campaigns to show elected officials and stakeholders that clean water has overwhelming bipartisan support as a top issue among Wisconsin voters.

Referendums in 2021 showed a strong, bipartisan success.

Voters in Marquette County (73%), Portage County (77%) and Wood County (76%) approved referendums.

The proposed question is simple: Should the State of Wisconsin establish a right to clean water to protect human health, the environment, and the diverse cultural and natural heritage of Wisconsin?

The answer is clear: YES!

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